New Remote Start System by VOXX is the ‘Most Flexible, Upgradeable’

Dec 14, 2015

VOXX Electronics Corp. has introduced Prestige PROCORE, one of the most flexible, upgradeable systems available from VOXX today, according to the company.

“Remote start and security remain one of our key products lines today at VOXX Electronics, and our newest introduction of PROCORE takes the Prestige product offering to the next level,” said Tom Malone, president of VOXX Electronics Corp. “Prestige PROCORE was built to create a smarter solution for our dealers in a simple step-by-step process, giving them the flexibility to sell features based on what is most important to their customers-”without stocking multiple complete kits, in turn reducing their inventory carrying costs.”

The Prestige PROCORE system is a “one-module” solution to provide the ability to build any style of remote start system using only one control module. Through simple programming security system features can be activated to give consumers remote start with keyless entry and security, or configure the system to offer remote start with keyless entry.

VOXX Electronics Corp. will offer five different compatible Prestige Transmitter Kits. The Transmitter Kits afford the option to offer any type of system, including a one-wWay with up to 1,500 feet of operating range, a two-way in either LED or LCD display remote control with up to 2,500 feet of operating range, and the new super-slim, two-way rechargeable LCD display remote control.

“At this step you also have the option to add the CarLink telematics solution to control the system from virtually anywhere using your smartphone,” according to VOXX.

Lastly, customers will have the option to select the Transponder & Door Lock Data Interface module. VOXX has designed a new FlashLogic FLCART to plug directly into the system offering all the features from the FLCAN packaged into a small “slide-in” cartridge, making the installation faster and cleaner, according to the company.

“But we don’t limit your ability to make choices here either,” according to VOXX, “the Prestige PROCORE also includes a DBI Port, should you choose to add a different interface module for vehicle Data Bus integration.”

To complete the program, the Prestige PROCORE is programmable from a mobile smartphone (Android or iPhone) or a computer to program both the remote start and FlashLogic features.  Prestige standard programming is also always available.