New Online Reputation Management Service Aims to Help Businesses

Dec 21, 2015

RevuKangaroo is quickly emerging as a popular online destination for business owners looking for a unified online reputation management system that addresses all their negative interactions. This recently launched company efficiently manages all business reviews from all major review websites within one simple location, according to the company.

In today’s competitive business environment, the importance of online reviews has increased like never before. Now, a large majority of purchasing decisions are made based on the online reviews of different products and services. Therefore, the consequence of negative reviews that show up in search engines can be dangerous for the business. This is where RevuKangaroo makes the difference, by turning a negative experience into a positive one before they can be found online, according to the company.

There are many online reputation management services available. However, unlike most of them, RevuKangaroo has developed a custom API that allows users to install the system directly on their website. As a result, the customers will only see the business and its employees without the presence of any third-party. RevuKangaroo’s system collects reviews on the service provided by the employees rather than by the business. As a result, a higher number of reviews are written, and these reviews are more likely to be positive, according to RevuKangagroo.

The most useful feature of RevuKangaroo is that it alerts the business owners of any negative review before they hit powerful third party sites, such as Google+, Yelp and Facebook. This allows the business the opportunity and time to turn that review into a favorable one. RevuKangaroo’s real time notification system also allows users to download reports and share the experience of their customers directly with the employees, helping the performance management process. RevuKangaroo also makes it possible to share all the online customer reviews to different social media sites, according to the company.