New LUVERNE Bumper Pulls 30,000 Pounds

LUVERNE Truck Equipment has released a new heavy-duty replacement truck bumper: The Journeyman HD. The American-made bumper features a one-piece construction, an dual-layer finish and a tested 30K straight-line pull rating, making it one of the strongest replacement bumpers in the truck accessories market, according to the company.

The Journeyman is a bumper and brush guard combination. It is built from 10-gauge steel and schedule-40 pipe, welded together into a one-piece design. This not only adds maximum strength to the front end of the truck but also provides a solid foundation for the welded 2-by-2-inch receiver tube, according to LUVERNE Truck Equipment.

The standard 2-inch receiver tube has been tested at the company’s Detroit engineering facility to ensure safety and a dependable straight-line pull rating of 30,000 pounds. With the right tow hook, ball mount or other hitch-mounted accessory installed, the Journeyman makes any big truck ready to tackle big jobs, according to the company.

Another critical feature of the Journeyman is its dual-layer finish. The bottom layer is a rust-resistant zinc primer to protect the steel frame. The top layer is a highly durable textured black powder coat that maximizes rust protection and easily resists scratching and chipping, according to LUVERNE Truck Equipment.

The Journeyman is also uniquely equipped with protective rubber facings on the vertical uprights. The replacement bumper also it features a punched steel screen and the LUVERNE signature logo reveal. The steel screen keeps sticks, stones and other road debris out of the truck’s grille, and it can be removed on certain models, if necessary, to avoid interference with forward-facing cameras or sensors.

All Journeyman HD replacement bumpers are made with a vehicle-specific design for no drilling necessary. They are currently available for the Ford Super Duty F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550, with more vehicle applications coming soon.

“We also offer a two-pack version to reduce shipping costs and keep prices lower for our dealers and their customers,” LUVERNE Truck Equipment stated in a news release.

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