New FlashLogic Keyless Entry System Speeds Installation on Honda and Acura Vehicles

VOXX Electronics Corp. (VEC) has added the FLRSHA7 Data Start System to its FlashLogic program. The FLRSHA7 was exclusively designed for select 2014+ Honda and Acura vehicles.

The FLRSHA7 includes a programmable module which can be upgraded with the latest firmware updates and a “T-Harness,” reducing the dealer’s installation time, according to VOXX. The FLRSHA7 requires use of one of the Prestige, Code Alarm, or Pursuit transmitter upgrade kits (sold separately). The systems can also be added to the popular CarLink smartphone application for the ultimate in operating range and control of the vehicle.

The FlashLogic Data Start program includes vehicle-specific T-Harness kits that cover a wide range of the major vehicle brands, including BMW, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Infiniti, Mercedes, and Nissan.

“We are committed to introducing applications that increase the number of new and used vehicles that can upgrade through our FlashLogic program,” said Tom Malone, president of VOXX Electronics Corp. “These modules have made a huge difference to our expeditor and retail partner’s ability to upgrade basic keyless entry into full security and remote start systems at reasonable costs, with limited inventory and simplified installation.”

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