NEUSPEED Gives Special Chair to Injured Vet

Apr 20, 2014

A wounded American soldier recently received a special wheelchair from aftermarket parts manufacturer NEUSPEED.

At a monthly company meeting, NEUSPEED CEO Bill Neumann proposed helping out a seriously injured veteran by donating a $15,000 Action Trackchair on behalf of the company’s owners and employees, according to a press release.

After a lengthy search, many requests and help from Veterans Alliance of Southern California, it was finally agreed to present the chair to Staff Sgt. Odin Ayala of El Cajon, Calif. Ayala served three tours in Afghanistan, and on the last tour stepped on an IED, losing both legs and suffering other injuries.

Alaya arrived at NEUSPEED and was greeted with applause. His Trackchair was powder-coated in the company’s red colors and black upholstery. The seating and footrest are fully adjustable, and the battery pack under the seat is capable of running the chair up to 5 mph with five hours of operation.

In getting his life back to normal as much as he can, Ayala-a former football star in high school-wants to be a coach, according to the company. NEUSPEED said it hopes the chair will allow him to easily move up and down the field.

The Trackchair has a large, tank-like-tread. It can be used in snow, sand and woods, and can climb a 30-degree slope, according to the company.