Motovicity Offers WASPcam Products

Jan 10, 2015

Motovicity Distribution, a leading automotive performance aftermarket distributor, has announced the addition of WASPcam to its line card.

WASPcam (Wide Action Sports Photography Cameras) manufactures a full line of portable cameras and accessories for use in action sports such as motor racing, according to the announcement. The cameras are capable of recording resolutions of up to 1080p and have dozens of available attachments fort remote mounting just about anywhere.

Remote controllers are also available, such as the GIDEON wireless wrist remote that features an LCD screen showing a live feed from the camera, as well as standard wristwatch functions, the company noted.

“Motovicity is proud to distribute a high-quality action camera like WASPcam that will capture everything from the time lapse of an engine build to record-setting track times, and everything in between,” said Ryan Balicki, sales manager.

Available accessories for WASPcam cameras include waterproof diving cases, adhesive anchors, camera tripod adapters, lithium-ion double-capacity battery packs, and more. Furthermore, WASPcam remotes are waterproof up to 196 feet and the cameras can be used under water to the same depth with appropriate casings, the company added.