‘MotorWeek’ Marks 35 Years on Public Television

Aug 18, 2015

Season 35 of TV’s longest-running automotive series, MotorWeek, premieres on public television stations across the country on Saturday, Sept. 12.

Episodes of the 2015-16 season will explore what MotorWeek producers call the 21st century revolution of the car that includes such developments as self-driving technologies and the widespread use of electric, natural gas, and even hydrogen to power automobiles.

MotorWeek creator, host, and Senior Executive Producer John Davis cites the enormous change in the average family car over the decades since the program premiered on Oct. 15, 1981.

“Every part of the automobile has undergone transformation,” Davis said, “with the biggest changes in powertrain and control design since the automobile was first invented.”

Season 35 of MotorWeek will draw parallels from the past with on-air retrospectives dating back to the 1980s. The series will also pause from time to time to look back at how far the family car has come. With a special anniversary episode and weekly MotorWeek Flashback vignettes, this season will look over the vehicles that were cutting-edge back in the 1980s and compare those with vehicles that are cutting-edge today.

Davis will again lead a team of on-air reporters for MotorWeek‘s 35th season in rigorously testing and evaluating new vehicles and assessing cars’ performance, practicality, efficiency, and safety, according to producers. More than 150 cars are examined annually for the benefit of viewers. During the upcoming season, rare exotics such as the Mercedes-AMG GT-S and Bentley Mulsanne Speed will be featured along with the far more practical types of vehicles that families depend upon including new generations of the Honda Civic, Chevrolet Malibu, Toyota Tacoma, and the first-of-its-kind Tesla Model X all-electric crossover.

MotorWeek‘s feature line-up will continue with the return of popular segments such as “Goss’ Garage” with MotorWeek‘s resident master technician Pat Goss offering know-it-yourself car care advice. Yolanda Vazquez keeps viewers in the know on consumer trends with “FYI” features and up-to-date on the latest happenings with “Motor News.” Reporter Zach Maskell, in the “Over the Edge” segment, turns up the fun with a look at the auto world in overdrive. Brian Robinson takes a very hands-on look at the less-than-four-wheel motoring realm by reviewing the newest motorcycles and scooters in the “Two Wheelin'” segment. MotorWeek will also accelerate its coverage of the use of alternative fuels and advances in green power technologies as drivers race toward a cleaner driving future.

Produced and distributed by Maryland Public Television, MotorWeek airs on 92 percent of PBS stations nationwide. MotorWeek is also seen on Discovery’s Velocity channel. Program excerpts are available to viewers on the program’s website, motorweek.org, and on its YouTube Channel, youtube.com/Motorweek.

MotorWeek is nationally sponsored by RockAuto.com and the TireRack.com.