Motorsports Museum Offers Photo Studio

Jan 18, 2015

World of Speed, a Wilsonville, Oregon-based nonprofit motorsports museum opening April 24, has introduced its infinity cove-a 60-by-15-by-27-foot space available for large-scale photography shoots.

Large enough to fit a Freightliner truck, the studio area is designed for vehicle photography as well as other sizable production needs, according to the museum.

“I’ve had the opportunity to capture many images in the World of Speed infinity cove, and the museum’s features are ideal for expansive and complex photo sessions,” said Gregor Halenda, a Portland, Oregon-based photographer.

An infinity cove is an all-white space with no corners, designed to give the illusion that the background of a photograph extends to infinity. While the World of Speed cove is a natural fit for automotive images, it can also be used as a green screen space for other photographic needs, including weddings and product shots, the museum noted

“There are few infinity coves in the Northwest as expansive as the one found at World of Speed,” said Tony Thacker, the museum’s executive director. “We’re excited to have car enthusiasts, photographers, marketers and beyond join us at the museum, for both the love of motorsports and the use of our photography area.”

The museum also lends itself to sensitive, confidential and prototype work, he added.

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