Milton Unveils Filter-Regulator-Lubricator Line

The new EXELAIR by Milton line of FRLs (filters regulators lubricators) maintains clean, dry air, consistent pressure, and lubricated pneumatic lines to improve performance and extend the life of air-powered tools and components, according to Milton.

EXELAIR FRL Filters work to screen out moisture and contaminants like rust and pipe scale that can reduce airflow or damage downstream equipment like valves, cylinders and impact wrenches. Regulators keep lines at a constant and safe pressure to avoid overdriving tools and motors. And lubricators ensure a consistent and reliable oil supply that extends tool life, according to the company.

Auto-draining filters maintain the shop air system by automatically emptying moisture throughout the day as needed. The drain tube connection channels drain water safely away to avoid slipping hazards. EXELAIR’s premium bronze sintered filter elements are washable and provide a longer life in humid conditions than cheaper filter materials, according to Milton.

“Our FRLs are available individually or as pre-configured sets that are designed to work together better while reducing the time and effort of looking up and coordinating the purchase of separate components,” said Greg Carlson, president and CEO of Milton Industries.

The EXELAIR FRL line includes side-by-side duo and piggyback FRs, FRL trios and FR+Ls, as well as a variety of modular brackets and accessories to customize the system. Available sizes range from 1/8-inch NPT miniature units up to 1-inch NPT high flow. Each configuration is designed to keep the vital shop air system running at peak efficiency by dramatically reducing the impact of contaminants in lines and tools, according to Milton.

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