Michigan, Ohio voters strongly support 60 mpg by 2025

Jun 1, 2011

A new poll of 800 Michigan and 800 Ohio likely voters found overwhelming and intense support for requiring the auto industry to increase average fuel economy to 60 mpg by 2025 and reduce carbon dioxide pollution from new cars, pickup trucks, minivans and SUVs. The poll was conducted by The Mellman Group for Ceres from April 9-12.

“Michigan voters’ overwhelming support for higher fuel efficiency standards by 2025 matches what is technologically feasible,” notes John DeCicco, a faculty fellow at the University of Michigan’s Energy Institute. His report, “A Fuel Efficiency Horizon for US Automobiles,” shows how optimal use of available and affordable technologies can push new fleet efficiency as high as 74 mpg given adequate lead time.

Voters don’t believe the rhetoric that higher standards would cost jobs or hurt U.S. automakers. In fact, they believe increased efficiency will spur innovation and create jobs.

  • 80% of Ohio voters and 76% of likely Michigan voters believe a national 60 mpg standard will encourage American car makers to innovate, boosting sales and protecting American auto jobs.

Voter support remains strong even when higher vehicle costs are noted.

  • 59% and 56% of likely voters in Ohio and Michigan, respectively, believe any costs attached to increasing vehicle fuel efficiency will be outweighed by benefits-efficiency increases will pay for themselves.

“The American voter is speaking loudly in Michigan,” said Ceres President Mindy Lubber. “It isn’t just $4-a-gal. fatigue. These voters clearly recognize that our economic and national security futures are also rolled up in saving money at the pump and making America far more energy independent.”

In Michigan78%of likely voters say they support 60 mpg. This includes 58% who “strongly” support 60 mpg. In Ohio 79%of likely Ohio voters say they support 60 mpg. This includes 60% who “strongly” support 60 mpg.

Every group of likely Ohio and Michigan voters across the political spectrum supports 60 mpg by wide margins; no group opposes it.

The new polling data comes as government agencies seek to develop new passenger vehicle fuel economy standards for the years 2017-2025. Proposed standards are expected to be released in September.