OptiMate 5 Start-Stop Battery Optimizer by TecMATE
OptiMate 5 Start-Stop Battery Optimizer by TecMATE

Meyer Distributing Line Card Expands with tecMATE

TecMATE is the latest edition of lines added to the 12-volt category at Meyer Distributing.

TecMATE offers a variety of battery chargers, battery testers, and engine troubleshooting solutions that range from professional to consumer level. The company also offers tuning tools that support several industries that range anywhere from industrial equipment to marine applications.

 “TecMATE brings a versatile, practical, and professional quality product line to the table. With over 20-plus years in the business, TecMATE has been able to design and manufacturer a product that can meet the needs of any customer,” said Kyla Estey, 12-volt sales manager for Meyer Distributing. “We are more than excited to start stocking, distributing, and fulfilling our customers needs with tecMATE’s products. Everyday we look forward to continuing to grow our business with lines that meet the needs of all customers.”

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