Meyer Distributing Enters Exhaust Market, Opens New Distribution Center

Oct 15, 2013

Jasper, Ind.-based Meyer Distributing has expanded into the exhaust and undercar market sectors and plans to service rural and urban muffler shops coast to coast. The company also recently opened a new distribution center in Iowa City, Iowa.

Exhaust brands now carried by the company include MagnaFlow, Flowmaster, AP Exhaust, MBRP, Dynomax and Diamond Eye. The new inventory, with applications spanning foreign and domestic vehicles, includes pipes, hangers, mufflers, tips, diesel exhaust systems, universal- and direct-fit catalytic converters and complete kits (performance or OE), according to Meyer Distributing.

Meyer has assembled a team of exhaust brand experts who have been prepped by online training, factory visits, fieldwork experience and personal product training from each vendor to provide their expertise to retailers. The reps help build customer relations by fielding technical questions and helping customers.

Meanwhile, Meyer Distributing’s new Iowa City location will serve the surrounding area with a direct feed from its Jasper distribution hub. Cities such as Des Moines, Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, will experience earlier deliveries with double the frequency, according to Nicholas Gramelspacher, vice of president sales and marketing for the company.

“We can move a snowplow, a set of tires and wheels, or a new exhaust system to the majority of the Iowa market overnight,” he said.

“Meyer is laying the groundwork to set up shipping lanes that ultimately get us to North Dakota to access the energy boom occurring there,” said Jeff Braun, Meyer chief financial officer (CFO). “We inventory much of the truck equipment necessary to allow engineers and workers in the field to do their jobs efficiently and safely. The U.S. has now topped the charts as the number one energy producing nation, and this has been a bright spot for the economy providing high-quality jobs.”