Members of Congress Warn EPA that Billion Dollar Performance Market is at Stake

Mar 28, 2016

U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson (R-North Carolina) last week questioned EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on the agency’s proposed regulation that would prohibit the conversion of a motor vehicle to a race-only vehicle, according to SEMA.

“Not only is this an important part of the way of life for a lot of Americans who enjoy taking cars and modifying them so they can race, but it’s a billion-dollar industry of aftermarket folks who make parts for people to use in competition,” Hudson said. “I remember back in February you testified before the committee and you made the point that, ‘Not one EPA regulation has ever cost one job.’ Well, I’m telling you this is a billion-dollar industry that will be wiped out if we can’t clarify this and make sure the intent you’ve expressed is reflected in the regulation.”

Hudson’s comments were delivered during a joint hearing, and come on the heels of last week’s U.S. House Science, Space, and Technology Oversight Subcommittee hearing with SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting.

Rep. Hudson represents the congressional district that includes Charlotte Motor Speedway and Rockingham Dragway. He is a co-sponsor of the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act of 2016, a bill introduced earlier this month, which clarifies that emissions-certified street vehicles can be modified and converted for competition use.

Meanwhile, Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-California) and Rep. Austin Scott (R-Georgia) recently authored a letter asking the EPA administrator to provide clarity on the regulation.