MBRP Celebrates 10 Years with NHRDA

Jan 3, 2014

MBRP Inc., a manufacturer of exhaust systems based in Ontario, Canada, recently renewed its partnership with the National Hot Rod Diesel Association for the 10th consecutive year.

The NHRDA has been an important part of the company’s marketing strategy in the diesel segment over the past decade, according to a statement from MBRP. The partnership ensures the success of both entities in the diesel performance arena, as both organizations continue to grow.

“We here at MBRP couldn’t be more excited to celebrate our 10th straight year as title sponsor,” said Martin Barkey, CEO of MBRP. “Our passion for diesel racing and sled pulling makes sponsorship of the NHRDA circuit one of value and opportunity that no other organization offers.”

He also said the exhaust company plans additional participation in sled-pulling sponsorship, and will debut a completely new diesel drag truck in the coming months.”