Max Media Targets Chevy Website

Jan 12, 2010

Max Media Group Inc. has entered into a letter of intent to acquire Extreme Chevys’ website

Extreme Chevys, formerly a restorer and builder of custom Camaros and other Chevy vehicles, will be an additional portal for Max Media’s entire Chevrolet inventory past and present, according to a press release. The site will also be a primary lead generator for the custom car and aftermarket builders.

The company plans to use the site to partner with and help develop business for custom Chevrolet builders.

“The demographic fits perfectly with our ‘Hot Web’ sites and will give our combined sales force the ability to offer expanded advertising in this very lucrative luxury automobile niche market,” said James Grady, CEO of Max Media Group. “This acquisition marks the company’s expansion into purchasing Web-based content which supports the company’s overall marketing operations. We sell advertising! This is just one example of the types of Web properties that we plan on leveraging as we grow. Content is king, and anytime we can make an acquisition of a high end site, we will.”

Max Media also previously announced that it is working closely with its transfer agent and the Depository Trust Co. to complete the dividend issued by Gold Coast Mining. Max Media Group operates numerous Web sites in specific niche markets including:,,, and, among others.