Mallory Merges with MSD

Mar 18, 2015

MSDP Group LLC, an aftermarket performance vehicle ignition and tuning technology company, has announced the merger of two leading companies in performance automotive ignition-MSD and Mallory-by the end of the first fiscal quarter of 2015.

The two brands bring together more than a century of innovation and expertise, according to a press release, and as part of the merger, all fuel and ignition system products will be manufactured exclusively under the MSD brand.

Also, MSD will honor warranties for all existing Mallory products, as well as offer service and repair, the release noted. MSD will continue to make available Mallory distributor replacement parts such as caps, rotors, points and nearly 100 other components.

“We are incredibly grateful for our loyal, performance-focused customers, and proud of our dedicated employees who work tirelessly to help the MSD brand consistently reach new heights,” said Rick Ruebusch, MSDP Group CEO. “We plan to keep on developing new ideas and look forward to seeing how we can apply what we’ve learned to the rest of the company as we continue to bring great products and experiences to our customers. MSDP is committed to continuing the 90-year legacy of Mallory and would like to thank Mallory customers for their continued loyalty during this transition.”

The MSDP portfolio encompasses nine brands: MSD, Racepak, Superchips, Edge, ACCEL, Mr. Gasket, Hays, Lakewood and QuickTime.