MAHLE Offers Original Gasket Head Set for the Ford PowerStroke

Jul 19, 2016

The MAHLE original cylinder head gasket set from MAHLE Aftermarket for the Ford 6.0L PowerStroke engine includes 193 pieces, all engineered to match the exact, original equipment parts for form, fit and function, according to the company.

Compared to the dealer set, the MAHLE Original set has 91 more pieces, including important parts such as the lower valve cover and intake/exhaust manifold gaskets, o-rings, high pressure oil pump and valve stem seals, according to MAHLE Aftermarket.

To follow OE form, fit and function, the seals in the MAHLE Original set are color coded to match the OE parts to easily identify their proper replacement location. This MAHLE Original head set for the 6.0L PowerStroke is available in both 18 mm (HS54450) and 20 mm (HS54579) applications.

MAHLE Original gaskets are application engineered; the exhaust manifold and EGR cooler gaskets for this application are multi-layered/embossed stainless steel tohold up against extreme temperatures of a medium duty diesel engine, according to the company.

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