MAHLE Clevite Operating Under New Name

Jan 21, 2014

Farmington Hills, Mich.-based MAHLE Clevite Inc. recently transitioned its company name to MAHLE Aftermarket Inc.

The new company name brings MAHLE in line with all of the MAHLE Global Aftermarket divisions and highlights the diversification of the MAHLE Aftermarket product mix, according to the company

“MAHLE Clevite remained the only MAHLE aftermarket division worldwide that did not have aftermarket in our legal name,” said Jon Douglas, general manager of MAHLE Aftermarket. “We now join the Aftermarket divisions in Europe, South America and Asia/Pacific regions as one global aftermarket business unit.”

The new name encompasses the company’s diverse product mix, according to Douglas.  MAHLE ‘s integration of its new RTI divisioninto the aftermarket offering and the global acquisition ofBehr contribute to the company’s long-term diversification away from being strictly an engine parts supplier, according to MAHLE.

MAHLE Aftermarket will continue to focus on growing the strong brand portfolio of Clevite engine bearings and heavy-duty engine parts, Victor Reinz gaskets for the North American aftermarket and MAHLE Original engine parts, filters, turbochargers and thermostats.