MAHLE Clevite Launches Online Community

Sep 19, 2011

Engine parts company MAHLE Clevite Inc. has launched Under The Hood-an online community specifically designed for engine enthusiasts to share information and receive the latest updates on MAHLE Clevite products, racing information, industry events, automotive news and technical data.

The interactive website encourages users to submit videos and photos, comment on articles and share comments and questions with other members of the community, according to a press release.

“Our new online community, Under The Hood, is designed to reestablish our connection with technicians, engine builders and racing enthusiasts. Gearheads are still passionate about the brands they use, and we want to make sure they know that we are here to support them by providing this forum to do anything from ask technical questions to bragging about their cars and accomplishments,” said Ted Hughes, manager – marketing, MAHLE Clevite. “We’re very excited to see the feedback we receive and use it to better-serve our customers.”

Under The Hood features a team of characters: Doc, Fast Eddie and Suzi Speed. The team will respond to questions and comments posted within the online community, according to the company.

“Doc is the engine guy who loves to talk shop and welcomes ideas about improving engine performance, Eddie loves racing and welcomes any chance to compete or talk about his racing exploits and Suzi keeps tabs on industry events and above all, keeps the team purring like a well-oiled machine,” the company noted.

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