LUVERNE Achieves Platinum Status with SEMA Data Co-op

LUVERNE Truck Equipment has achieved platinum status with SEMA Data Co-op. Platinum is the highest status rating that can be achieved through the data management organization. 

“With LUVERNE offering over 1,300 SKUs, we know how important it is to provide accurate and timely data to our customers,” according to a statement from LUVERNE. “Being platinum status means LUVERNE has provided every applicable data field in the SEMA Data Co-Op (SDC) score card. Platinum data provides nearly 60 PIES (product) fields and ACES (application and fitment) data, making it a complete set of information to build detailed product listings with descriptions, digital assets including images and videos, tariff codes and sales metrics. This data makes it easy for retailers to create impressive and informative product listings.”

The information-rich product listings allow the consumer to gain a full understanding of what they are buying and how it will benefit them, according to Luverne. End-users of the data are more likely to build listings from platinum suppliers than from suppliers with a lower data status, according to SEMA Date Co-op. 

“One of LUVERNE’s goals,” said Tim Hau, CIO of LUVERNE, “is to be the best at data distribution in the industry. We look forward to continuing to expand on our relationship with SDC.”

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