Lund International Gets TV Show on Velocity

The Lund International Truck & Jeep Show will debut at 8 a.m. EST on Sunday, Oct. 1 on Velocity. Hosted by Sam Mahdavi, a truck and Jeep builder, NOPI championship racer and Fast and Furious movie car builder, the new series will cover popular enthusiast events, road trips, product installs and how-to topics for the off-road, street truck and heavy-duty enthusiast, according to Lund International.

The premiere episode will take viewers to Sevierville, Tennessee for the Jeeps & Peeps show, a popular gathering of female Jeep enthusiasts who show off their rides and browse the massive selection of parts and accessories on display. Subsequent episodes will visit the Walcott Truckers Jamboree, the HOT ROD Power Tour, and the Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion.

The new series also will feature installations and applications of Lund International products. It will serve as a rich and insightful resource, with perspectives from the people who designed and built the parts and accessories that are so popular with truck and Jeep enthusiasts. Further, the new program will offer viewers a look at Lund International products.

“The ‘Lund International Truck & Jeep Show’ will take viewers on an incredible journey,” said Mitch Fogle, CEO of Lund International. “They will learn about and experience the truck and Jeep lifestyle, see awe-inspiring truck and Jeep shows and events around our great country, and they’ll also see exciting products in use and how they help address common everyday problems, along with how easy most are to install.”

The Lund International Truck & Jeep Show will air Sundays on Velocity Network, with three additional showings on the MAVTV and REV’N networks.

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