LinksWell Debuts “Dynamic Dozen” Products

LinksWell Inc. announced it has released its first 12 products to the mobile electronics marketplace. Nine “black box” solutions and a dash replacement kit are now viewable on the company’s website.

Of the initial 12, LinksWell has released five multi-camera interfaces for vehicle-specific applications. Each is designed to expand the factory-installed, single-camera system by adding up to five additional audio/video sources. Camera inputs that are designated left and right can be set to show their views when the turn signals are applied. In addition, the front camera input can display its view when the vehicle travels below a preset speed to aid in parking and maneuvering. Current applications include late-model GM-branded vehicles, as well Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC 3.

Also in the initial product offering are five interfaces that add navigation to select vehicles. In addition, all interfaces can mirror a smartphone’s display screen when it is connected via the built-in HDMI port.

“We are pleased to kick off our product introduction with premium-build OEM integration solutions that directly pinpoint the highest market demand,” said Walt Detlefsen, national sales manager.

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