Large New England Expeditor Gets Serious About Restyling

Aug 6, 2013

Kenilworth, N.J.-based Auto Action Group, a vehicle outfitter and auto service provider that serves more than 600 dealerships in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, is now offering vehicle restyling accessories to its customer base.

The addition of accessories to the product line allows Auto Action Group to better position itself as a “one-stop shop,” where dealerships can get any aftermarket-related products or services. The expansion also advances Auto Action’s objective to maximize dealer profits, according to Jared Cohen, president of the 35-year-old company.

“The ability to sell vehicle-specific restyling products is especially strong at or just after the time of vehicle sale,” Cohen told Restyling. “Dealerships have the opportunity to build and cement rapport by creating a custom look for their customer’s new vehicle, while increasing profitability by $200 to $500 per sale.”

Each of Auto Action’s five locations will stock packages of accessories centered on popular vehicle models. Each package consists of four to six items designed to enhance the vehicle’s appearance, such as treated wheels, interior trim, chrome grilles and door handles. The vehicle-specific packages help dealers score sales on vehicle base models without requiring customers to look through overwhelming accessory catalogs, Cohen said.

“The accessory business is just a perfect side dish to leather or a sunroof. It complements it so well,” Cohen said. “We took our time and did our research, and we partnered up with a few companies. And what we’re doing now is stocking our five locations with inventory.”

Auto Action has cross-trained its more than 35 technicians to accommodate the new restyling offerings.   It is also simplifying the installation process for dealerships by coordinating mobile installation, so dealers don’t have to bring vehicles to Auto Action’s facilities for services.

“We are not an installation center for dealers,” Cohen said. “We are automotive consultants that are going to show you how to make money with our products.”

In addition, Auto Action Group is currently creating easy-to-interpret marketing materials for dealers to distribute to vehicle buyers.

“Our relationship with our dealers is not one way,” Cohen said. “We continually listen to their comments and suggestions on how we can better our service to them. Some of the feedback we received was to offer a larger array of products, particularly for specific vehicles. In response, we made a financial commitment to do just that.”

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