Land Rover Program Recovers Classics from Disrepair

Jan 23, 2017

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Land Rover Classic’s Reborn program takes Series I Land Rovers that are in a state of disrepair and returns them to their former glory.

With a dedicated workshop located within the original Defender production center at Solihull in the U.K., and a dedicated team of experienced experts, Land Rover Classic offers the most authentic restoration available, according to the company.

Hidden Gems

The Land Rover Reborn program features the talents of the company’s dedicated team with decades of experience. The company “has searched every corner of the earth for authentic and genuine Series I vehicles in need of restoration,” according to Land Rover.

“Each and every Land Rover Series I has lived a very different life and has its own unique story to tell. This is why preserving a vehicle’s authenticity and uniqueness is a crucial tenet of the Reborn program. Our aim is to continue the Series I story, not rewrite it,” Land Rover stated in a news release.

Even before Land Rover Classic begins the restoration, each car undergoes an in-depth examination to uncover what exactly needs to be restored. Using the original techniques and processes, Land Rover Classic will then strip, refinish and retain as many original parts as possible, renewing them only when absolutely necessary.

Land Rover Classic ensures that each and every component, including the smallest of details, is refinished to the vehicle’s original cosmetic specification.  Once the vehicle has been approved by Land Rover Classic’s fastidious audit team, the Series I is ready to go on its next adventure.

Series I Land Rover

As the original Land Rover, the Series I was built to rove the land, regardless of the conditions. It had an aluminum body to get around the post-war steel shortage, permanent four-wheel drive, leaf-sprung suspension, and that was about it. Its simplicity worked anywhere, allowing people to move wherever they wanted, whatever the terrain. And today, despite being more than 60 years old, they remain as capable as ever, according to the car maker.