Kingpin University to Hold One-Day Fabrication Training

Kingpin University (KPU) will travel to the heartland of tech innovation to conduct a one-day crash course fabrication training. The session will be hosted at 9 a.m. on Aug. 27 by Audio Design at its retail location in San Jose, California.

The one-day class is intended to attract professionals who want to learn skills and techniques that they can implement to improve their work, but who can’t leave their businesses for the typical three-day course. San Jose is known as the capital of Silicon Valley, as it features some of the most prolific tech companies in the world within and around its borders. Audio Design caters to this affluent client base, the company recently took over an adjacent space to effectively double its square footage. The state-of-the-art installation facility is fully capable of serving as a training ground for high-end fabrication, according to Kingpin University.

“We are going to cram a lot of knowledge and hands-on instruction into nine hours,” said Jason Kranitz, lead instructor for KPU. “This session is for the tech who can’t be gone from the shop for three to four days to do our traditional trainings. But don’t think this is an overview class with no detail. We are concentrating the most useful and effective procedures and techniques into one day so that attendees can still go home and put the lessons to work improving work quality and profits.”

Among several courses in the day-long session, attendees will improve sanding techniques to cut time while achieving smoother surfaces, and learn how to avoid elephantitis, the thin, distressed look of vinyl that occurs when the material is overheated and overstretched during wrapping.

In addition, attendees will go through the steps of fabrication design, from paper drawings to building jigs through to the finished piece.

The class is intended for working installation professionals with a fair degree of fabrication experience. Tuition is $150 per person, and lunch will be sponsored by Hybrid Audio, which will have one of its award-winning vehicles onsite.

Installation professionals can click to sign up for the education session, or call Kingpin University at (503) 582-9135.

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