Kingpin University Debuts New Payment Structure

Kingpin University (KPU) is it introducing a new pay plan for its professional installation, retail management and fabrication training courses. The three-tiered membership structure allows store owners to send one or more staff to multiple training sessions and make manageable monthly payments.

The KPU Membership Plan lets stores purchase a certain number of credits, each of which allows a store employee to attend a course of his or her choice, according to the organization. Plans are available with packages of two, five or 12 credits. Additional incentives include 15 percent discounts on Kingpin University products, as well as discounts of up to 20 percent on professional fabrication template packages.

“We created the membership plans because we want to make professional training more accessible for store owners and their staff,” said Jason Kranitz, lead instructor for KPU. “Previously, a store or staff member had to prepay a significant amount for tuition, which limited their resources. With the new credit-based plans, stores have the flexibility to schedule staff members to attend trainings throughout the year while making one predicable payment per month.”

Credits are effective for 12 months from the date of purchase and cover course tuition and in-class materials, according to the organization. Travel, accommodations and meals are paid by the attendee.

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