King Engine Bearings Receives Supplier Quality Award

Jun 10, 2016

King Engine Bearings recently received its fourth consecutive Supplier Quality award from Jasper Engines and Transmissions. Jasper is one of North America’s largest re-manufacturers of gasoline and diesel powertrain components.

King Engine Bearings in 2012 received Jasper’s Outstanding Service award. Now, for the third consecutive year, King has earned Jasper’s Overall Quality award. Two other companies received the Overall Quality award for 2015.

“Our goal at King is to exceed our customers’ quality standards on a consistent basis,” said Limor Neeman Karpatkin, vice president of sales and marketing at King Engine Bearings. “To be recognized for our quality and be awarded as a top performer for the fourth year in a row is both humbling and very gratifying.”

The Overall Quality award is determined by joint nominating efforts between Jasper sourcing and quality teams in key areas, such as supplier scorecard results, corrective action requests, warranties, quality control first-piece history, and quality issue resolution.

King Engine Bearings has been a Jasper supplier since 1988, providing engine bearings for all makes and models of engines in the company’s remanufactured engine program.