KICKER Joins Elite Distributor Alliance

The Elite Distributor Alliance (EDA) has made KICKER its 11th vendor partner.

“For these many years, KICKER has worked hard to build a brand that consumers trust and retailers have come to rely on,” said Rob Limbaugh, vice president of business development at KICKER. “We have thought it through and we believe the distributors that comprise the Elite Distributor Alliance are the perfect group to serve as an extension of the Kicker brand as we go to market.”

KICKER already does business with many of the EDA distributor members.

“We identified KICKER early on as a vendor that could work perfectly with the EDA, quality product, principled management philosophy and wonderful people to work with,” said Craig Breinholt of Mountain West Distributors, EDA’s vice president. “We like to think that we try to engage with vendors who are capable of taking a long-term view of business. Of course we recognize the longterm is built of many short terms sequenced together. The key is to ensure that the short terms activity is not inconsistent with the longterm view. After 44 years it appears that KICKER has it figured out quite well.”

The EDA is a mobile electronics distributor alliance.

“The challenges we all face are not much of a secret,” said Josh Eatherly of P&E Distributors, who serves as EDA president. “Strategically, this kind of joint effort between a brand, KICKER in this case, and a focused and capable group of like-minded distributors can be a very strong bulwark in the effort to go to market in consistent fashion adding value to all of us in the supply chain, retailers, distributors, reps and vendors.

“It is true, the EDA will enjoy the beginning of only its third year in August, that we are a young organization. On the other hand, each EDA member is a rather prominent participant in his respective territory. The market should expect that the EDA’s momentum and positive impact on business will continue to grow,” Eatherly continued. “The addition of KICKER as our most recent vendor partner will of course add significant value to our endeavors. We will be having more to talk about in the coming weeks and months.”

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