KICKER Celebrates Longterm Employment

Jul 28, 2017

Stillwater Designs, the manufacturer of KICKER audio products, celebrated the anniversaries of more than 40 employees at a company-wide meeting last week. Most notably, the company recognized the 30-year anniversaries of general manager Jay Ralston and electronics project manager Bill Doering.

President and founder Steve Irby kicked off the ceremony with high praise for the character and demeanor of everyone in the company, and how that affects everyone in the workplace for the better.

“Steve talks about the core values of this company: Respect, integrity, self-motivation and attitude,” Ralston said. “You can’t do it all alone. You’ve got 200 people doing their jobs every day.  You hire great people that work together well as a team. When that happens, it makes a huge difference.”

Each employee celebrating an anniversary received one of the following gifts: A pin with the KICKER logo for one year of service; a watch with logo for three years; and a ring with logo for five years. Awards were also given to employees with 10- to 25-year anniversaries in 2017.

In addition to the service awards, a plaque commemorating the design patent for the KICKER L7 Square Subwoofer was given to mechanical design engineer Kyle Ambrose, who served as the design-team lead on the iconic product. Ambrose is also registered as one of the inventors of the design.