Justin Peck's new book, "Bulletproof"
Justin Peck's new book, "Bulletproof"

Justin Peck Publishes Memoir

Motorsports driver and team owner of Race Pro Technologies, Justin Peck, has published a memoir titled, Bulletproof. The book tells his story through addiction, beating death, and overcoming mental illness while learning to use it to his advantage, according to Race Pro Technologies.

"Justin Peck is an inspiration to so many who may not be able to see hope or light at the end of their dark tunnel. The metamorphosis of a mental health condition has catapulted Justin Peck into a champion on the track and in life," Race Pro Technologies stated in a news release. "Bulletproof lays out the trials and tribulations of the painful, yet powerful transition that taught him how to free his mind. Transparent and raw, Justin shares examples of courage, defeat, and lives to tell how he rose above it to beat the beast."

Since becoming an off-road USRA champion, owner of the Race Pro Technologies team, and founder/owner of Gear 49 Motorsports Nutrition, Peck has spoke across the country and brought awareness to the challenges facing those with mental illness.

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