Junior Engine Challenge Kicks Off at the Gateway Motorsports Park

Apr 13, 2017

Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Junior Engine Challenge started this past weekend with the first official event held at Gateway Motorsport Park in Madison, Illinois.

Junior Engine Challenge is a contest made of several teams with two members each. One team member 5-18 years old must completely disassemble and reassemble a complete single cylinder OHV engine, utilizing only basic hand tools. The event was created to help kids develop communication skills, self-esteem, problem solving skills, and an understanding of an internal combustion engine.

More than 20 competitors disassembled and reassembled the small single cylinder OHV engine at the Gateway Motorsports Park event. that resembles the engine that many of the racers utilize to power their cars!

One of the teams that ran through the engine, not once but twice, was a team of brothers: 9-year-old Kyle and 8-year-old Billy from Frankfort, Illinois. The brothers loved the Junior Engine Challenge so much that they went back to their pit to only return with their older brother, 13-year-old Cory. The brothers worked at a fevers pace to complete the Jr Engine build in between qualifying rounds of racing.

Father-son, uncle-nephew, mother-son and teams of racers and their brothers all have competed at Gateway Motorsports Park, the first of 10 qualifying events. The contest will be featured and hosted as a part of the Midwest Junior Super Series, held during racing events all across the central U.S.

Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Junior Engine Challenge will continue at the Protect the Harvest Midwest Jr Super Series at Byron Dragway on May 5-7 in Byron, Illinois. Click for additional Junior Engine Challenge scheduling information.

For more information, visit HotRoddersofTomorrow.com or connect with the group on social media.

To start a team or inquire about sponsorship opportunities, contact Rodney Bingham at RBingham@hotroddersoftomorrow.com or call 815-722-5460