Jim Rickoff Named New AERA President

Jul 9, 2014

Jim Rickoff has been named the sixth president of AERA Engine Builders Association.

He has been involved in the engine building industry since graduating from Winona State University in 1982 and has been serving AERA in several capacities since 1992, most recently as interim president, according to a press release.

“We are very fortunate to have a very experienced staff within our association with a ton of knowledge and years of proven service,” Rickoff said. “You have our guarantee this association will continue to grow and improve its database of engine specifications and solutions to engine-related issues. In addition, we will continue to grow the medium in which we convey our technical information to our members and the industry. Providing engine technical information to engine professionals is what we are all about. We work for our members and the betterment of our industry.”