Jensen DUB Edition featured in ‘Cure for Cancer Build’

Nov 7, 2014

When Buchanan’s father was diagnosed, the son took over the rebuild himself saying that he wanted this build to be a symbol of hope and strength like his dad has been to so many people in his life.

“Building this jeep has taught me what my dad showed me every day; to never give up—there is always a way just to have a little hope and keep moving forward,” said Buchanan.

He soon realized that a project this big needed more than one man to see it through so he reached out to some of the industry’s leaders for help and they responded. Rich Calbay and John Ramos from DUB Magazine lead the charge. VOXX Electronics provided Jensen DUB Edition speakers, subs and AMPs from their brand new line.  Car Toys handled the installation and got the basses pumping on the Jensen DUB Edition products.

“In the end, paying forward is what it is all about and we were delighted to add our brand new DUB Edition products to this great cause”, said Tom Malone, president of VOXX Electronics.  “We hope the thumping bass will resonate throughout the event and that the car will raise plenty of money in memory.”