Introducing In Focus Performance Marketing

In Focus Powersports Marketing has announced a recent brand evolution. The company that has been around since 2001 will now be called In Focus Performance Marketing. The rebranding includes the new name and a new website.

Since 2001, the full-service marketing agency had operated as In Focus Powersports Marketing, servicing automotive and power sports parts and accessory manufacturers. The recent name change took effect June 1, and is a symbol of the company’s continued commitment to serve both the automotive and power sports industries, according to In Focus Performance Marketing. The brand evolution also celebrates the agency’s recent digital marketing services expansion.

“By evolving our brand, we can better position ourselves in the automotive and power sports industries,” said Jonathan Light, president and head marketing strategist of In Focus Performance Marketing. “When we started doing business in 2001, our client base consisted primarily of power sports related companies. Hence, Powersports in our name. However, over the years our automotive clientele increased dramatically, and we felt it was time to change to In Focus Performance Marketing. The name suits both markets well, and neither market is alienated.

“We strive to obtain the best results for our clients. In Focus develops effective strategic marketing plans that are not just relevant in today’s marketing age, but are cutting edge. Our traditional service offerings include Media Relations & PR, Advertising, Copy Writing, Graphic Design, and POP,” Light continued. “However, we are continually increasing emphasis on our more modern online tactics, including Digital Marketing, Content Development, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Ad-Words Campaigns, Email Advertising, Website Development, and others. Tactics that bring traffic and sales to our client’s websites via paid, and organic search results. It is our recent expansion and increased concentration on these tactics with which we are especially pleased. Our name change, and new website, serve to celebrate this.

“Before forming the agency in 2001, many of us at In Focus Performance Marketing had sales and marketing careers with automotive and power sports parts and accessories manufacturers. We understand the technology of our clients’ products, and the markets they are sold in. We feel this further differentiates In Focus Performance Marketing from other automotive and power sports marketing agencies.”

The new In Focus Performance Marketing website can be accessed at

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