ididit Owners Retiring

Jun 14, 2015

For 30 years, Ken and Jane Callison have been developing and manufacturing American-made aftermarket steering columns. The ididit facility is located in the southeast Michigan community of Tecumseh.

The company has announced that the Callisons are retiring.

Craig Moore, Doug and Dave Lane have purchased ididit and have hired Ted Keating as general manager, according to the report.

“Craig, Doug and Dave have industry experience and are excited that ididit will remain in their home state of Michigan,” the company stated.

All operations and personnel will remain in Tecumseh, with both Scott Callison and Kim Johnson (Callison) remaining at their respective positions, the company added.

Ken and Jane Callison will offer assistance in a limited basis, as their new schedule allows, to help with R&D as well as special appearances at industry events.