ICON Derelict Series Continues with 76 Series Oldsmobile

Nov 9, 2016

The latest of the ICON Derelict Series of patina’ed vintage cars was debuted at the SEMA Show. The 76 Series Oldsmobile coupe languished in Central California in a field before being discovered by ICON. Crafted over the course of 16 months, this capable sculpture is tons of fun, and ready for the open road, according to the company.

The Olds’ foundation is a bespoke Art Morrison chassis, CAD-created by digitizing the 1946 body. The chassis features independent front suspension and a four-link rear setup. Upgrades include JRI adjustable coilover shocks, sway bars, Wilwood four-wheel hydroboosted disc brakes, and rack and pinion steering. The exhaust system and gas tank and lines are completely stainless steel.

ICON’s commissioning client was deeply involved with the build process, and he even built the 528-horsepower, 607 lb-ft, 502 cubic-inch engine with Hilborn injection. All of this mechanical sophistication is cleverly hidden under the 100-percent original body structure.

While designed to look as if the car were in 70-year-old condition, no stone was left unturned, according to ICON. The chassis is powder-coated, the body is extensively fortified in advanced sound deadener products, and the underside of the body is coated in heat-cured polyuria for insulation and corrosion protection.

The interior celebrates the beauty of the original design and is subtly customized in Gabardine wool and Italian leathers, according to ICON. German square-weave rugs and hand-painted wood finishes (as original) finish it off. All gauges still appear stock but hide modern internals. Similarly, the power windows are controlled by the stock analog regulators and cranks, and all other systems such as windshield wipers are modernized with current state-of-the-art technology.

For more information, please visit ICON4x4.com or call 818-280-3333.