Hybrids, EVs making inroads with consumers

Feb 7, 2011

Eco-friendly cars, like hybrids and electric vehicles, are gathering steam on the consumer front. PSCars.com, a website that provides consumers with a way to research and compare automotive information, reports a 58% increase in the number potential car-buyers becoming more interested in eco-friendly cars — an increase from 18% last year.

The Detroit Auto show started the trend in 2011 with almost every automaker displaying or revealing green, clean and compact cars.

Although the economy is still in a slow recovery, industry experts predict the rise in fuel-prices and changing mindset will help increase demand for fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vehicles throughout the United States. Still, most car-shoppers perceive eco-friendly vehicles as “slow cars” with uninspiring designs, and drivers still regard hybrid cars as too expensive compared to cheap compact vehicles.

“This year’s National Automobile Dealers Association show is going to be a great precursor to predicting increased sales and demand for hybrid and electric vehicles,” said Hernan Jaramillo, vice president of operations for Practical Systems Inc. “Going green is a trend that seemingly has no end in the near future and the electric car will continue to revolutionize the face of traditional automotive vehicles.”

Top 5 eco-friendly cars in America for men (in-order):Ford Fusion Hybrid; Honda Insight; Nissan Leaf; Chevy Volt; and Toyota Prius

Top 5 eco-friendly cars in America for women (in-order):VW Jetta TDI; Chevy Volt; Honda Civic Hybrid; Toyota Prius (third-generation); and Lexus HS 250h.