Husky sponsors ’49 Studebaker at Salt Flats

Aug 27, 2012

Norris Andersen partners with Husky Liners for Speed Week 2012.

Bob Tyler, president of Winfield Consumer Products’ Husky Liners, has known of Norris Andersen since the late 1960s when he was a drag racer near Tyler’s hometown of Concordia, Kan. At that time, Norris was racing a green and white 1968 Z-28. In 2005, Tyler started looking for a similar blue-and-white 1968 Z-28; his search ultimately brought him to Norris, resulting in the purchase of the nostalgic Z-28. At that meeting, Norris commented, “I’m going to use this money to build an engine for the Studebaker truck and go 200 mph at Bonneville [Salt Flats].”

Norris kept his word and joined the 200 mph club in 2010. And, several years later, Tyler decided to sponsor Norris and his efforts. The Husky Liners 1949 Studebaker debuted at Speed Week 2012 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

With a top speed of 221.835 mph, Norris Andersen’s truck wasn’t always that fast. In 2004, he rescued the 1949 Studebaker from a salvage yard and brought it home to be reconfigured as a race truck. Norris now runs two big-block Chevy engines – one at 820 hp and the other at 1,275 hp. The Studebaker has won several speed and performance records, including 2009 World Record holder in the A/Modified Pickup class at 191.996 mph, and 2010 World Record holder in the AA/MP class at 219.331 mph.