HushMat Launches New Venture Behind ‘Game-Changing’ Performance Product

Oct 26, 2016

The owners of HushMat recently formed ZyCoat LLC as the exclusive distributor of ZyBar Manifold and Exhaust Coating, “a game-changing new product for the automotive industry,” according to the company.

ZyBar, the first product in the ZyCoat line of thermal coatings, is a unique formulation adapted from coating technology that has been successfully used in the aerospace industry for years to neutralize the radiant heat produced in airplane engines, according to ZyCoat.

ZyBar will be available on or before Jan. 15 through wholesale distribution, jobber retail outlets and at for the DIY market, according to ZyCoat.

HushMat and ZyCoat owners Tim and Connie McCarthy will preview ZyBar, the new thermal coating for auto engines and exhaust systems, at the Nov. 1-4 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The product will be showcased in the New Product Area as Engineered Product section of the show.

ZyBar is an air- or oven-cured material that provides over 90-percent radiant heat reduction, increased horsepower and fuel economy gains, and corrosion elimination with a single application less than a thousandth of an inch (.001) thick, according to ZyCoat.

Attendees will find technical data, application videos and effective solutions to engine side heat problems at the HushMat/ZyCoat SEMA booth (No. 22997) in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“HushMat has entered the incredibly high temperature and aggressive engine-side thermal materials category with ZyBar Manifold and Exhaust Coating for thermal treatment in all engine components,” said Tim McCarthy. “ZyBar thrives in 2,000-plus degrees Fahrenheit environments, producing higher engine horsepower, corrosion resistance and over 90-percent radiant heat reduction without adding any weight to the vehicle.”

With ZyCoat, HushMat is leveraging its more than 27 years of experience designing, developing and manufacturing thermal management materials for the automotive industry, according to the company.

ZyCoat products, which are produced in the U.S., are natural extensions of the industry-proven, auto enthusiast-preferred products from HushMat, according to the company.

ZyBar is the first durable thermal protection solution that outperforms tapes, wraps, shields and ceramic-based paints. The lightweight, hard-wearing coating is easy to apply by spraying, wiping or dipping, according to ZyCoat.

For more information, call HushMat at 913-599-2600, or visit and