HP Tuners Provides Tuning for T87A-Equipped 2017 GM Eight-Speed

Jan 5, 2017

HP Tuners is providing an eight-speed and Allison transmission tuning solution for 2017 GM vehicles.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to provide a solution for customers who have a critical need to tune these transmissions,” the company stated in a news release. “Due to added complexity, the T87A TCM needs to be individually licensed for four GM credits for tuning.”

Due to increased security, all T87A TCMs need to be unlocked via the GM Unlock service before they can be tuned, according to HP Tuners. The cost for the service by HP Tuners is $200, according to the company.

Once ordered, customers can ship their TCM to HP Tuners for unlock:

HP Tuners, LLC
701 Dartmouth Ln
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Those who sending in the TCM, according to HP Tuners, must include:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Address
  • Customer email and phone number
  • TCM Unlock service order number
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Preferred shipping method

The TCM customers send in should already programmed prior to the unlock service, according to HP Tuners.

“If you choose to send in a spare TCM, you are responsible for providing us accurate vehicle information at the time you place your order and for later having the TCM programmed via a J2534 tool or OEM Dealer Diagnostic tool to your vehicle,” HP Tuners stated in the release.

After the TCM arrives at HP Tuners, an HP Tuners engineer will unlock the TCM and enable the HP Tuners software so that the TCM can be licensed, edited, and flashed with HP Tuners software. This is a one-time unlock that will not affect other operations of the TCM, according to the company. The factory tools will still work for service and HP Tuners will then work for tuning.