HP Tuners Acquires Race Render

Aug 21, 2014

HP Tuners has purchased Race Render LLC, including Race Render, Track Addict, Bench Racer and Quick PIP products.

“HP Tuners is excited to acquire Race Render for many reasons. We look forward to growing the Race Render brands, but this strategic acquisition brings so much more to the table,” said Jay Payson, sales and marketing, HP Tuners. “Race Render brings experience in the mobile marketplace as well as experience with GPS and telemetry. HP Tuners and Race Render are very excited to integrate the Race Render data and video products with the HP Tuners tuning and data products.”

Race Render is a PC-based application that allows a user to synch data to video, according to a press release. Track Addict is a mobile application that allows a user to display data on their iPhone/iPad from the OBD-II port with a variety of hardware, and allows telemetry at the racetrack.

Bench Racer predicts vehicle performance before modifications are made to a vehicle, and Quick PIP produces picture-in-picture video.

“This has already been an amazing year for both RaceRender and TrackAddict HD, and now we’re going to set the bar even higher, thanks to the impressive resources and technical know-how of HP Tuners,” said Weston Pawlowski of Race Render. “They have assembled a highly competent team who shares my passion for creating the very best automotive enthusiast products on the market, and I am extremely proud and excited to now be part of that.”