How is Bondo Body Filler Made?

Bondo Professional Gold FillerEverything you ever wanted to know about that sweet-smelling substance known as Bondo is right here.

How It’s Made

Specially-designed, computer-controlled equipment releases a polyester resin and other ingredients one at a time, in a select order into a big mixer.

The mixture is blended at high and low speeds, hot and cold temperatures until it’s thoroughly mixed.

Once the materials are properly mixed, Quality Control is performed. If all is in spec, the material is pumped into a can.

Finally, the closure is pressed on and finished with the lid and hardener, and placed into a box for shipping.

The Science Behind Bono

Bondo Body Filler utilizes a two-part formula to create a chemical bond to the surface. Hardener is added to start a chemical reaction, which cross-links with other ingredients in the mix and causes the filler to gel. Once the gelling starts, the chemical reaction causes the filler to harden until it becomes sandable.

Each formula has a unique blend of ingredients to create the performance designed for its category.

More Fun Facts

  • In 2010, Bondo Body Filler was used to fix a pothole during the Daytona 500. The race continued after only a 45-minute delay
  • Taxidermists use Bondo Body Filler to create shapes and set parts on some animals
  • The world’s largest can of Bondo Body Filler was 215 gallons and on display at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2011
  • In 2016, 3M produced 16.5 million pounds of Bondo Body Filler

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