How to Be a Branding Superhero

Aug 14, 2012

Playing off recent superhero movies and with the intention of bringing understanding to the process of branding, The Marx Group has written “Putting the POW! in Power Branding.”

The new whitepaper, written by Tom Marx, president and CEO of The Marx Group, explains the five forces that make for a powerful brand. It is available for a free download at

“Take a look at powerful, successful brands and you’ll realize that they have many of the same characteristics of a superhero,” said Marx. “Comic book writers instinctively understand the characteristics that are intrinsic to every superhero. Successful brands model these same qualities to acquire super branding status.”

The whitepaper explains how effective branding builds on and takes advantage of a strong synergy between the company and its customers. This requires knowing their wants, needs and buying behaviors.

Marx says developing a vital, ongoing and trusting relationship between your company and your customers takes an investment in time and effort, as well as consistent application.

In addition to explaining the five branding forces of position, promise, personality, story and elements, the whitepaper details how a company can improve its brand equity.

The Marx Group provides business development, marketing strategy and marketing communications services to the automotive and heavy-duty aftermarkets.