Holley/MSD Releases Mr. Gasket Hand Tools, Shop Supplies

Holley and MSD has released a large assortment of shop tools from Mr. GasketHolley and MSD has released a large assortment of shop tools from Mr. Gasket. Examples include seven-piece wrench sets, anti-seize, engine storage bags, digital calipers, magnetic parts trays, and utility jugs.

  • Mr. Gasket 7-Piece Wrench Sets make it easy to assemble hose ends and maintain any race car or high-performance vehicle, according to Holley. Made of 6061-T6 billet aluminum and anodized in different colors for ease of identification, each double-ended wrench features contoured edges that make it a comfortable fit for your hand. Their compact size and short overall length prevent the over-tightening of fittings and hose ends
  • Mr. Gasket Anti-Seize has fine metallic particles in a high-heat petroleum carrier that prevents seizing, galling, and corrosion, according to Holley. Available in a four-ounce bottle with a brush built right into the cap, it’s perfect for commonly serviced fasteners on any vehicle and ideal for use on spark plugs, exhaust-manifold bolts, stainless steel nuts and bolts, and any fasteners prone to seizing or rust
  • Mr. Gasket Engine Storage Bags are offered in two sizes – one big enough for a complete engine and one perfect for major components likes crankshafts and cylinder heads. Both are made from heavy-duty polymer material
  • Mr. Gasket Digital Calipers feature a large display that measures in digital inches, fractional inches, or millimeters. Ideal for measuring inside, outside, step, depth, and scribe measurements, their operating range is 0.000 to 6.000 inches (150mm), and they’re accurate to within plus or minus one-thousandth of an inch (.02mm)
  • Mr. Gasket Magnetic Parts Trays have a strong magnet ideal for keeping fasteners and small parts right where they’re easy to get to. The built-in magnet sticks to any ferrous metal surface and has a rubber coating on the magnet to prevent marring and scratching. Made of polished stainless steel, they’re available in two configurations
  • Mr. Gasket Utility Jugs are manufactured from thick polyethylene and come with a heavy-duty cap and filler hose perfect for hard-to-reach jobs. They feature a main handle and bottom-grip pocket for easy pouring, a square-base design that saves valuable space on shop floors and trailer storage bins, removable plugs, and a capacity of five gallons.

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