Holley Expands EFI Training to West Region

Holley EFI training seminars will now be available in Arizona, in addition to at the company’s headquarters in Bowling GreenHolley is now able to offer its in-depth Holley EFI training seminars in the western region of the U.S. through EFI University.

Racers, engine builders, tuning shops, and performance enthusiasts no longer have to travel to Holley headquarters in Bowling Green, Kentucky, to learn the intricacies of Holley electronic fuel injection. Now, those on the West Coast have a much closer option: EFI University in Lake Havasu, Arizona.

“Holley could have chosen to work with anyone they wanted, and we’re proud that they chose us,” said Eric Demyan, EFI University business development manager.

Demyan, EFI U founder Ben Strader, and Holley’s Robin Lawrence worked extensively to ensure that the same expert Holley EFI software training can now be found on both sides of the country.

“Holley EFI has experienced tremendous growth over the past five years,” Lawrence said. “Several years ago, we tapped Tom Kise to lead our on-site training program, and as word spread, classes typically would be booked eight months to a year in advance. A lot of people can’t wait that long, and now, with EFI University, they won’t have to.”

At EFI University, courses are available at three different levels: Introduction to EFI, Advanced EFI Concepts, and High Performance Engine Tuner Certification. As the course title suggests, Introduction to EFI teaches beginners everything they need to get started tuning Holley EFI systems-the different types of systems available, what components are needed, how each one works, how injection and ignition systems operate, and how to set them up properly.

Advanced EFI Concepts is for those already in the industry and those who want to make tuning a career. Students learn exactly how to extract maximum power from engines without damaging them-even combinations they’re not familiar with, according to Holley. The course concludes with a multiple-choice exam. Those who pass the exam earn the EFI University Advanced Tuning Concepts certificate of completion.

“A High Performance Engine Tuner certification from EFI University demonstrates that you won’t be learning as you go when you’re tuning someone’s prized possession,” according to a Holley news release. “It means you’ve received the best training available and are more than qualified to take on all kinds of EFI projects.”

Two online courses also are offered at EFI U: Introduction to EFI and Advanced EFI Concepts. Demyan, for his part, recommends instructor-led training.

“It’s not some guy with an iPhone on a tripod with a white background-it’s a professional production,” he said. “But for most people, being there and being hands-on is a better experience. It allows you to ask questions and get an answer right now. You can see in students’ eyes how well they’re understanding everything.”

“With Tom Kise’s curriculum and EFI University’s facilities and staff, there’s now a great option for those close to the Southwest,” Lawrence said. “Holley’s classes are specifically designed to teach the Holley system and software-they’re not tuning classes. EFI University offers a full range of tuning classes that are a perfect complement to the knowledge students gain from the Holley EFI course.”

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