HKS Offers $300 Rebate for New Supercharger

Jul 31, 2013

Madison Heights, Mich.-based HKS, a sport compact performance brand distributed by Motovicity, is offering a $300 gift card to first-time buyers of its newly released HKS GT Supercharger kits for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ platforms.

The vehicle-specific kit is based on the HKS-designed low-friction centrifugal supercharger, and comes with all the necessary sub-components, including cast aluminum intake fittings and intercooler; compressor pulley, tensioner and belt; traction oil, reservoir and cooler, according to Motovicity.

The kit also includes all of the necessary installation brackets, hardware and plumbing for mounting on the front of the Scion 4U-GSE/Subaru FA20 engines.

“Everything has been engineered and sorted out in typical HKS fashion, so all you need to know are the basics of installation, and depending on your final tune parameters, you’ll increase the power and torque output between 20 and 40 percent over the stock engines,” said Scott Cole, Motovicity brand manager.

Cole, who drove HKS GT Supercharger prototype vehicles in Japan, describes the boost as instantaneous, and delivering a dramatic range of performance increases and drivability improvements throughout the power band.

The limited-time gift card can be used toward installation, tuning, or any other purchases the consumer prefers. Learn more at