Hankook Tire Introduces its First Tire Made in America

hankook-kinergy-ptHankook Tire is expanding its passenger tire segment with the release of the KINERGY PT (H737). The touring all-season tire is the company’s first tire made exclusively in the U.S. at its new plant in Clarksville, Tennessee.

The KINERGY PT utilizes a specially formulated tire compound to enhance traction in all conditions and a strong rolling resistance profile to improve mileage performance, according to Hankook Tire. The tread design incorporates a high-stiffness center rib and unique circumferential out grooves for optimized water evacuation, providing excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions. When temperatures dip below freezing, the KINERGY PT tire’s wider footprint will provide a better cornering response and improved handling.

Additional KINERGY PT features and offers include:

  • Optimized 90,000-mile warranty that includes road hazard coverage
  • Thirty-day free trial for guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • A UTQG rating of 860/A/A-not only the best rating in the PCR segment, but the highest-rated tire in the entire market

The KINERGY PT tire will be one of the primary tires produced at Hankook Tire’s plant in Clarksville, the company’s first tire production facility in North America. The tire will be available for purchase starting Sept. 25 through Hankook certified dealers.

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