Gulf oil spill re-creating flex-fuel interest?

Jun 30, 2010

As the largest oil spill in U.S. history continues to leak into the Gulf of Mexico, the argument for domestically produced alternative fuels, like ethanol (E85), is back on, said GM.

Manufacturing plants continue to research and develop biofuels from a variety of unique sources. In fact, scientists are now converting materials like grass and woodchips into cleaner burning biofuel at a similar cost to that of producing a gallon of gasoline.

Although Brazil leads the way in flex-fuel vehicle production, the United States is not far behind with more than million vehicles to date; giving Americans something to think about at the pump. From the 2010 lineup, Consumer Guide reported GM produced 17 different models of E85 flex-fuel vehicles in the U.S., each capable of running on gas or E85. Ford showed eight Chrysler had five models; Nissan and Toyota each offered two; and Mercedes and Mazda also offered one flex-fuel model.