Gas/CNG Engine Takes Next Step

Feb 20, 2015

Eco-Motive USA recently finished construction of a full-sized, scale model of its patented dual-fuel H-Motor, designed to run on gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG).

The construction of the model paves the way for creating a functional prototype for the cadre of interested investors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), according to Herns Louis, Eco-Motive USA founder and CEO.

“Now that we have a model of the H-Motor built to scale, we can accelerate our development,” Louis said. “The model will be used to test compatibility with multiple vehicles and used as a tangible representation for the investors and OEMs clamoring for more information about our design.”

Louis, whose experience is in parts manufacturing, completed the model engine through a new style of hybrid manufacturing, according to the company. The model was created partially through the traditional process as to etch out a variety of pieces. The other individual components were fabricated through advanced 3D printing technologies.

The same process is being used by automotive manufacturers like Audi, Ford, Honda and Nissan, he added.

“We’re entering a new ‘golden age’ that makes improving vehicle efficiency and performance exponentially easier, which is the purpose of my dual-fuel H-Motor,” said Louis. “Oil and gasoline have been the standard fuel for vehicles for decades, but with new technology comes change. That is why I firmly believe in this dual-fuel design and I’m confident that others will appreciate its benefits.”

A functional prototype is predicted to be completed this year. While the prototype is under construction, Eco-Motive USA plans to use the current engine model to secure funding from interested investors and move strategic partnerships forward with OEMs.