Free Online: Torque Converter Bonding Pressure Calculator

Jan 12, 2016

Raybestos Powertrain has added a new free tool on its website that allows users to calculate the piston pressure required to achieve a successful torque converter bond. The torque converter bonding pressure calculator works when the user enters both the outer and inner diameter of the friction wafer, along with the bonder’s ram diameter.

Torque converter bonding can be a complex process requiring precise calculations to determine the correct net facing pressure for a particular torque converter wafer. These calculations change based on the size of the wafer, and the size or type of bonding equipment.

“Our online bonding pressure calculator speeds up a key step in the torque converter bonding process,” said Andy Mayfield, Raybestos Powertrain’s vice president of North American sales. “By providing quick access to the correct minimum PSI needed to achieve a successful bond, we help our customers to complete faster, more reliable rebuilds.”